Setup your Fiken integration

You can connect Rackbeat with your Fiken accounting system, so customers, products, suppliers, supplier invoices and customer invoices transfers from Rackbeat to Fiken. Below you will find our guide on how to set up the integration.

You can set up the integration yourself. However we recommend that you contact our Support Team, which can guarantee the correct configurations of the integration for 2.500 DKK. 

To set-up the integration go to:

1. Enter company, contact person, contact e-mail and click ‘Connect to Fiken’ 
(You need to be logged into your Fiken account)

2. Now you should see the ‘Fiken Authentication site’, click ‘Godkjenn’

3. You are now re-directed to the integration set-up, select the Fiken company you want to integrate with, click ‘Next step >’:

4. Enter your Rackbeat API token and click ‘Next step >’

5. Now make sure you have at least one Customer-, Supplier- and Product Group in Rackbeat. I you do, click ‘I have groups, next >’

6. Here you can make your choices if you want to do an initial sync of products, suppliers or customers from Fiken to Rackbeat. Click ‘Next step >’.

6A. If you want to transfer ‘Customer’ and ‘Supplier’ data from Fiken to Rackbeat, you need to create a new custom field in Rackbeat (type: Text) for both Customers and Suppliers. The (Rackbeat) ID of these fields should be added in the Config - like this: 

7. On the last step you should configure how the sync between the system should be. When your selections are done, click ‘Save settings’.

Click 'Save settings'

You will be able to change the settings on this last configuration page at any time after, just save the unique URL.