Create a Demo Account

Are you looking to create a demo agreement in Rackbeat but unsure how to do it? We got you covered!

Fantastic that you're interested in testing Rackbeat! We're thrilled about it! 🥳

Your demo agreement is active for 14 days. Following this period the demo account will automatically be closed. 

Setting up a demo agreement in Rackbeat is straightforward. Just stay with us to see how it's done:


1. First Click on "Free Trial"



2. Now enter your business information




3. Create with demo data?

It's a good idea to select "Create with demo data." This way, you don't have to enter your own products, suppliers, customers, etc., before you can make the most of the system.

Once you've clicked "create with demo data," the following will automatically be created on your account:

.> 20 products

.> 3 product groups

.> 5 units

.> 1 location

.> 6 suppliers

.> 1 supplier group

.> 8 customers 

.> 3 customer groups 


NOTE! Once you add demo data to your agreement, it cannot be deleted afterwards. 

If you don't check this box, you'll be guided through a setup process described further down in the guide.


4. Now, Click on "I'm Not a Robot"

Even though it may seem unnecessary, it's always good to get that confirmed:



5. You're Ready to Click "Create your Free Rackbeat User"



6. Wait for the Account to Be Set Up

It only takes a moment, then your account is ready:


7. You are now logged into your demo account! 🥳 

You're in. The first thing you see is the overarching dashboard:




And that's how you create your Rackbeat demo account with demo data. 🙌

But you might also want to test the system with your own data. Just continue reading, and we'll take care of that too!


Did You NOT Click on"Create with demo data"?

If you wish to work with your own products, suppliers, customers, etc., we explain here how to set up your demo account.



Step 1 of 7: Choosing the Subscription Type

Here, you need to select the type of subscription you want to create a demo account for. 

You need to do this because there are differences in the features available between the Basic subscription and the Premium subscription in Rackbeat. 

As a demo account, it's perfectly fine to choose the premium subscription so you have the opportunity to test all the features.

It's important to mention that you won't be paying the price as long as your account is a demo account. You just need to relate to the subscription type of the demo account itself.





Step 2 of 7: Setting Up Business Information

Enter your business information here, alternatively, these can be filled in Rackbeat at a later time.


Step 3 of 7: Choosing the Inventory Principle and Standard Currency

Rackbeat allows you to use one of two inventory principles, average cost price, and FIFO.

If you create your account as a premium account, you will have the option to choose FIFO, otherwise, you can only choose "Average Cost Price".

Similarly, you should choose your standard currency during the account creation. 

NOTE! These cannot be changed afterwards.



Step 4 of 7: Setting Up Integrations

Here, you have the opportunity to integrate with an accounting system.

 If you're not ready to connect to your accounting system, you can easily connect it at a later time.





Step 5 of 7: Setting Up Locations

If you work with multiple locations, you can set them up here.




Step 6 of 7: The Account is Created!




7/7: Last but not least: How to Create Your Products, Suppliers, Customers, etc

There are two ways you can input your own data into the system. You can either create each product, etc., yourself, or you can import your data. Here we explain how to do it with your products:

Manual Creation of Products

  1. Select the "Goods" tab at the top
  2. Click on "Products" in the menu
  3. Click on "Create New" at the top right
  4. Fill in the general information about the product NOTE! The sales price in Rackbeat must always be specified without VAT
  5. Click on "Create Product" to finish.


Importing Products

  1. Click on the “Goods” tab at the top
  2. Click on “Products” in the menu
  3. Click “Import” at the top right corner
  4. You now have the option to either choose your own Excel file or to download a sample file by clicking on the text "Sample File" We recommend that you download the sample file and use it to ensure you include the correct data in the import.

Your dataset must, however, comply with certain criteria for our system to read it correctly. Read here how to comply with them. 

The same principles apply to the import or manual creation of suppliers and customers. But we have written some articles that help you here: 

How to import supplier data

How to start a new customer

How to import customers

Now, we have thoroughly gone through the setup of your demo account. There’s nothing left but to wish you a lot of fun with your new system!