How to Create Notes for Specific Customers in Rackbeat

No matter how many customers you have, it's always useful to have an overview of your agreements with each one. In this article, we will show you how to create and access customer notes for orders, invoices and offers in Rackbeat.

Do you have any specific agreements with a customer that both you and your co-workers should be aware of the next time you do business with the customer?

Then you will be happy to know that we've made it easier for you to keep track of them. You can now create notes on your customers that can be accessed when making or editing an offer, order or invoice.
​To create a note on a customer in Rackbeat, you need to do the following:

1. Hover Your Mouse Over "Sales" and Click on "Customers"

Hover your mouse over sales and click on Customers

2. Find the Customer for Whom You Want to Create a Note (In this example, we click on test)

We made a "test user" for this guide:

Click on Test

3. Then, Click on "Notes:"

Click on Notes

4. Now You Can Write Your Note

Here, you write the specific note that will be attached to your customer:

Type "Insert note"

5. Finally, Click "Save"

When you are done, remember to click "Save:"

Click on  Save…
Now, you have created a note for your customer in Rackbeat. But how do you find it when it’s time to create an actual order?

We'll go through this below 👇

 1. Create a New Order

You start by clicking "Create New" in your order overview. (The same procedure applies to invoices and offers):

Create a new order

2. Now, Select the Customer

Here, you pick the customer that the order should be created for:

Select the customer

3. Create the Order

Click on "Create and Edit" to access the note:

Click on Create and edit

4. Then, Click on "Customer has X note"

On the right side of your screen, you will be able to see that this customer has one or more notes that you can review. When you click on this text, "Customer has 1 note!", a popup window will appear showing the notes that have been added for the customer:

Click on The customer has X note!

5. Click on the Note in the Popup Window

If there are multiple notes, you need to click on the specific note in the popup window to access it:

Click on Mike Friis…
Now, we've gone through how you and your employees create and access a note for a specific customer.
We hope this can help streamline and strengthen your sales process and customer relationships 🙌​.