How to create an order with prepaid deposit

Some suppliers may require a deposit of the full amount up front and then payment of the remaining amount upon delivery of the order. Below you will find a guide on how to set it up in Rackbeat.

Oprettelse af delvis fakturering:

  1. Create order on the full amount.
  2. Send the order to the Supplier.
  3. Find the order in the section called "Purchases"
  4. Click on the 3 dots on the right.
  5. Click on "Create Invoice" and change the amount of wares to half or the amount fitting the percentage of deposit that you have to pay.
  6. Click "book". (! It's very important that you do not mark it as recieved in the pop-up box !)
  7. At the delivery or up until the delivery, create an invoice again on the same purchase order.
  8. The amount of products will automatically correct itself to be the remaining amount.
  9. Book the invoice as done earlier.
  10. Find the section called "Receipts" and erase the order.  (? Doing this will make sure that you can create a receipt for the full order instead of only half. ?)
  11. Go to "Purchases" and find the order. Click on the 3 dots and click "Ready to receive" and now you can create a receipt for the full amount.

Latest update: 10th of June 2022