How to convert an offer to a sales order

If you have sent an offer to a customer and they have accepted, you can convert the offer to a sales order. By doing this you can skip the process of creating it from scratch. The guide below will show you how to convert the offer to a sales order.

  1. Select "Sales" in the top bar
  2. Click on "Offer" in the menu
  3. Find the specific order in the overview you want converted to a sales order
  4. Click on the 'three little dots' on the right side of the order line
  5. Select the check mark on the left “The customer has accepted”
  6. Hereafter a box will appear, where you can choose to convert the offer into an order (or an invoice). Select convert to “Order” and press “Accept and convert”
  7. The offer is now converted to a sales order that you can be edited if necessary
  8. Click ''Send to customer'' to complete the order - Hereafter you will have the option to send a confirmation to the customer's mail if you want.
  9. Click ''Send'' - The order will now be registered as ''Sent'' (/confirmed) in the system

Tip:  You can also convert a sales order to a customer invoice in the same manner to save time. Read this article to find out more ''How to create a customer invoice from a sales order''