How to create a new supplier

There are two methods to creating a supplier in Rackbeat, either manually or via an import. In the guide below you will be shown how to create one manually.

NB! Before you can create a new supplier, it is mandatory to create a ''Supplier group'' since this needs to be connected to your supplier. If you need help with how to create supplier groups, you can follow our guide: ''How to create a supplier group''

Manual creation of supplier

  1. Select "Purchasing" in the top bar
  2. Click "Suppliers" in the menu
  3. Click "Create new" in the upper right corner
  4. Fill in the supplier's information
  5. Click "Create supplier" to finalize

If you are interested in how to create suppliers via an import, please continue to the article ''How to import supplier data''. This guide will also show you how to update existing suppliers via an import.