How to create a Bill of Materials (BOM)

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of the items needed to make an entire product. For example, if you make a table, you will need 4 legs, a table top and screws. Those items together are a BOM. Below you can learn how to make a BOM.

Bill of Materials (BOM) can be created in two ways: Manually or via import. Below, we will guide you through how to create a BOM manually. If you need help with import, please go to the Helpdesk article "How to import Bill of Materials (BOMs)".

Creating a BOM manually

  1. Select "Inventory" in the top bar
  2. Click "Bill of Materials" in the menu 
  3. Click "Create new" in the upper right corner
  4. Fill in the information of the BOM
  5. At the bottom of the page, you can add the specific products to the BOM. Click in the product field and select the product you wish to include in the BOM and choose the quantity needed.
    To add another product line, click "Add new product" and repeat
  6. If you want a different selling- or cost price than the one proposed, you can enter new prices in there respective fields
  7. Click "Create bill of materials" to finalize or "Create and New" to finalize the current BOM and start creating a new one