How to create discount groups

You can link your customers to a discount group. Thereby they will by default always get the discount that is linked to the given discount group. Below we will guide you through how to create a discount group and link it to a costumer.

Creating a product group

  1. Select "Inventory" in the top bar
  2. Click "Discount Groups" in the menu
  3. Click "Create new" in the upper right corner
  4. Fill in the number (optional), name and discount (%) of the group
    If you leave "Number" blank, Rackbeat will automatically generate a number
  5. Click "Create new discount group" to finalize

Linking customer to a discount group

Now you need to link your product group to the customer who get the discount.

  1. Select "Sales" in the top bar
  2. Click "Customers" in the menu
  3. Select the customer you wish to link to the discount group by clicking at the number or customer name in the overview 
  4. Click "Prices & discounts" in the horizontal menu below "Edit customer (customer name)" 
  5. Click "Add new discount group" 
  6. Select the discount group in the field to the left
  7. In the field to the right "override group discount (%)" you can choose to state another discount than the group standard, e.g. let's say the group discount is as standard 10%, but for this specific customer, you want to always give 15%. Then you would write "15" in the field. This function is good if you want to avoid having a lot of discount groups where only a few customers are linked. 
  8. In the bottom, where all your products are listed, you will see the discount (%) to the right in every product line. If you wish to give another discount (or none) for certain products, you can override the standard group discount in the field to the right