API Mail Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the expectations and guidelines for the Rackbeat API Support Mail service.

1. Introduction

The purpose of our API mail service is to provide technical assistance and guidance to customers regarding the use of Rackbeat's API and its integration into their systems. The support mail is staffed by knowledgeable developers who will address queries related to API usage, technical issues, and challenges in integration with Rackbeat’s open API. 

2. Self-Service Resources

Before reaching out to the API Support Mail, we encourage customers to explore the following self-service resources, which may provide answers to common questions and helpful information:

Our API Documentation

Our Helpdesk

Our Feature Request Portal

If you did not find the information you needed you can reach out to our API team via email at api@rackbeat.com.

Please familiarise yourself with the entire API-Mail Service Level Agreement before reaching out to our team to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary back-and-forth communication. 

3. Scope of Support

The Rackbeat API Support Mail is dedicated to addressing technical questions related to Rackbeat's API. The API support team will assist customers with inquiries related to API key usage, API integration, and technical issues related to the API's functionality.

4. Support Hours

The API Support Mail will be operational during standard business hours, defined as 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding Rackbeat-observed holidays. All incoming queries will be addressed within these hours.

5. Initial Response Time

The API Support team will acknowledge all incoming inquiries within 5 business days of receipt during standard business hours. For example, if a request is received at 2:00 PM, the initial response will at the latest be sent by 5:00 PM five business days later.

6. Resolution Time

While the initial response time is set at 5 business days, the resolution time for a customer inquiry may vary depending on its complexity. The API Support team will provide regular status updates to the customer if the case investigation extends beyond the initial 5-day period. Customers can expect an update outlining the progress and reasons for any delays before the five days are over, within 5 business days of the last update.

7. Escalation Procedure

In order to provide customers with a comprehensive and accurate response, if a customer's inquiry goes beyond the technical expertise of the API Support team they will escalate the matter internally to a higher-level developer or a subject matter expert. If such an escalation is made the customer will be notified.

8. Exclusions

The Rackbeat API Support Mail does not cover the following aspects:

  • Customer-specific application code development
  • Debugging custom code written by customers
  • General API usage and development (Customers are expected to have a fundamental understanding of API usage and development)
  • Assistance with non-API-related issues in the customer's systems
  • Consulting services beyond the scope of API usage

9. Customer Responsibilities

To ensure a smooth and effective support process, customers are expected to:

  • Provide clear and detailed information about their inquiry or issue
  • Cooperate in providing additional information if requested by the API Support team
  • Communicate in English, as all support responses will be provided in English