e-conomic: different invoice numbers than in Rackbeat?

Do you experience that you have a different invoice number in e-conomic than you have in Rackbeat? Please take a look at this article to understand why

As a valued Rackbeat user, you'll appreciate the integration we have with e-conomic. However, it's essential to understand some specifics about this integration, particularly regarding how invoices are managed differently on each platform. This guide will provide you with a clear understanding of these differences and a step-by-step instruction on how to manage your e-conomic integration settings in Rackbeat.

The Difference between Rackbeat and e-conomic in Handling Invoice Numbers

When you transfer an invoice to e-conomic as a draft from Rackbeat, the invoice number that Rackbeat assigned will not carry over. This is due to how e-conomic handles draft invoices. Unlike Rackbeat, e-conomic only provides an invoice number when the invoice is booked. As a result, if you're tracking an invoice from Rackbeat to e-conomic, the invoice number may change if it was initially transferred as a draft.

To put it simply:

  • In Rackbeat: A draft invoice is given a number right away and keeps that number when it's booked.
  • In e-conomic: A draft invoice doesn't have permanent a number until it's booked.

The invoice is sent to e-conomic from Rackbeat when you book it, and your integration settings will determine whether it's sent as a draft or a booked invoice.

How to Adjust Your e-conomic Integration Settings

If you need to modify your e-conomic integration settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Rackbeat account.
  2. Go to "Company settings."
  3. Click on "Apps."
  4. Choose "e-conomic settings."
  5. Select "customer invoices."
  6. Check or uncheck the box that says "book invoice in e-conomic when booked in Rackbeat."

By checking this box, whenever you book an invoice in Rackbeat, it will be automatically booked (and thus assigned an invoice number following the number used in Rackbeat) in e-conomic. If you leave the box unchecked, invoices will be sent to e-conomic as drafts, and they won't receive an invoice number in e-conomic until you manually book them in e-conomic.

In conclusion, understanding the differences in how Rackbeat and e-conomic handle invoice numbers is crucial, especially if you're keeping track of invoices across both platforms. Keep in mind that you can easily adjust your e-conomic integration settings in Rackbeat to match your preferred workflow.

We're here to help, so please reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance!