WooCommerce: Order flow & synchronization of inventory stock

How the order flow between WooCommerce and Rackbeat works

  1. The customer creates an order in WooCommerce Webshop, and the order gets the status "New" in WooCommerce
  2. The webshop order is automatically transferred from WooCommerce to Rackbeat. There is a delay of approx. 1 minute
  3. Warehouse employee picks and packs the order in Rackbeat, and the order will be marked as "Shipped" in Rackbeat
  4. The order is automatically updated to the status "Sent" in WooCommerce - and the customer is notified by email that the order has been sent from the warehouse

How stock synchronization works between WooCommerce and Rackbeat

  • Inventories are synchronized from Rackbeat to WooCommerce with the webhook "inventory.changed" - this means that the inventories are only updated in WooCommerce when a transaction takes place in Rackbeat. A transaction in Rackbeat can be:
    • Product receipt
    • Shipping
    • Regulation
  • There is a 1 minute delay for stock transfer, so be patient