1. Helpdesk

How to contact Rackbeat Support

Are you looking for a way to get in contact with Rackbeats support team? Take a look at this article to see which channels you can use.

Rackbeat have 4 channels where you can get ahold of our support team: 

The opening hours for the support can be found on our website: Contact


To start a chat with our support team, you can just click this icon in your right hand corner.

That will open up a pop-up window, which will allow you to open a chat with our support team.

Click on the marked icon to create a new chat. 


You can always fill out a contact form on our website that will be sent directly to our support team.

You can find the contact form here: Contact


You can get in contact with our support team through their direct mail, which is support@rackbeat.com.


You can call our support by calling 7192 7500. 

The opening hours for the phone line can be found here: Contact

Expect longer waiting times during popular hours.