How to create a credit note for customers

  1. Select "Sales" in the top bar 
  2. Click "Invoices" in the menu
  3. Select “Archived” in the “Archived” filter box
  4. Locate the invoice from which you want to create a credit note. Hold the arrow over 'the three dots', then select "Create credit note"
  5. If necessary, write a note and heading for the credit note
  6. Select the quantity you wish to make a credit note on
  7. Click "Send to customer"
  8. Choose whether the goods are to be returned to inventory or not by checking or unchecking "Should inventory be reversed?"
  9. State reason for credit note
  10. Press "Send to customer" to finalize

You find all credit notes under “Invoices” in the menu and select "Credit note" in the box “Type”