How to generate a re-order report

The purpose of the re-order report is to give you an overview of which products to order, based on a defined minimum stock, as well as based on the orders and re-orders that are already made regarding the products in question.

      1. Select "Reporting" in the top bar
      2. Click on "Re-order" in the menu 
      3. To show specific products that require reordering, go to the drop-down field "Status" and select "Re-order" and then ''Search''
      4. Click "Reorder" on the left side to individually reorder items, or tick the top box on the right next to the product # to select multiple items and then click "Reorder all" at the upper right to perform a bulk action
      5. A number of reorder journals will now be created - select quantity and supplier and click "Create purchase draft(s)"

You can also select "All" under the drop-down field "Status", and select a supplier under the field "Supplier" to view the products that are connected to that individual supplier. From here you can then reorder the items you want from them.

There are various search criteria you can work with. The different options are explained in the video below.