How to import new products

In our product import, you can import new products to Rackbeat. Below we will guide you through how to import your products.

If you want to update data on products that already exist in the system, we recommend that you look at this article "How to update product data via import".

If you have an excel file with data on your products that you want to import you can use this if it contains the mandatory columns - these will be specified below in the guide. However, we recommend that you use our example file, which shows how a correctly arranged import file should look.

The most important thing is the format imported is of the type .CSV (CSV UTF-8 (comma separated))

Before you begin, the following must be created in Rackbeat:

  • Product groups 
    See how to create product groups here

Import of new products:

  1. Select "Inventory" in the top bar
  2. Click on "Products" in the menu
  3. Click "Import" in the upper right corner
  4. You now have the option to download a sample file - which we recommend, to ensure that you include the correct data in the import.  

    If you use the sample file, it will automatically map the matching columns. Otherwise, you map the columns in the field by simply pressing the headings to that field. If you want to remove a field, press “X”.

    It is important that you save your file as a .csv file with utf-8 encoding before loading.

The data that is imported must meet the following criteria:

  • Mandatory information is the following: Item number, item group, item name, cost and sales price (if you do not want to import cost and/or sales price, you can simply write 0 in the cell)
  • The item number must consist of a maximum of 25 characters including any spaces
  • The product name must consist of a maximum of 255 characters including any spaces
  • Sales- and cost prices must be excl. VAT

See explanation of the columns below: Mandatory fields are marked in bold.



    Item number

    Item number. Maximum 25 characters.


    Item group. The group number, not name, must be entered in this column.

    Product name

    Product name. Maximum 255 characters.

    Cost price

    The item's cost price. Must be excluding VAT.

    Sales price

    The item's sales price. Must be excluding VAT.


    Product units. of the item. Eg. PCS. All devices you want to use must first be created in the system.

    Number of units

    If you know how many units of an item you have in stock, this can be specified here. This column is used only when creating products. If you subsequently need to have your inventory regulated this must be done via regulations.


    Here you can write a description of your item.

    Min. inventory

    The minimum stock for the item is stated here before re-ordering.

    Min. nr. of orders

    The minimum order size is specified here. When a purchase is made, the order must be at least this number.


    If the item has a barcode, enter this here.


    If the item has a primary location, enter this here.


    If there is a variation associated with the item, this can be entered here.


    Here you can specify the weight of the item.

    Unit of weight

    Here you can specify the unit of weight. Eg. 'kilo'.


    Here you can specify the width of the item.


    Here you can specify the height of the item.


    Here you can specify the depth of the item.


    Here you can specify the unit size of the item. Eg. 'centimeter'.

    Supplier No.

    If you have a primary supplier from whom you purchase the specific items from, its supplier number can be entered here.

    Custom fields

    If you have created custom fields on the item/product, these can be created here. Each field must be specified with the field ID. If a field has ID 1, the column must be matched with ‘field 1’ etc.


    Primary reasons why the import file can not be uploaded to Rackbeat:

    • Blank cells in the CSV file.
    • The entered group(s) does not already exist in Rackbeat.
    • An entered unit does not already exist in Rackbeat.
    • An entered location does not already exist in Rackbeat.
    • An entered supplier nr. does not already exist in Rackbeat
    • Product number entered is over 25 characters.
    • Product name entered is over 255 characters.

    Updating existing products:

    It is also possible to update existing products via our import function. If desired, check 'update existing'. Then the columns containing the data to be updated are mapped.
    The way we "identify" an existing item is by product number. Therefore, there must always be a column with product number in the import sheet.