How to create a supplier invoice

You can either create a supplier invoice through a purchase order or from scratch - e.g. if you do not have the purchase order in the system. Below we guide you through how to create a supplier invoice from scratch.

If you would like not to create the supplier invoice from scratch but through a purchase order, you can learn how to in our article "How to create a supplier invoice from a purchase order".

Creating a supplier invoice from scratch 

  1. Select "Purchasing" in the top bar
  2. Click on “Invoices” in the menu
  3. Click on "Create new"
  4. Select the relevant supplier from the drop down field and click ''Create and edit'' 
  5. Fill out the relevant information
  6. At the bottom of the page you can add additional products by clicking on ''Create new lines''/''Add collection''

    Tip: If you have a PDF (e.g. an invoice from a supplier) that you want to attach, you can click on ''Upload PDF''
  7. Click "Post"
  8. Here you have the opportunity to register that you have received the goods immediately and that you can use the invoice date as the date the goods have arrived at your warehouse.
  9. Click ''Post'' to complete
Note: What this invoice also does is that it locks the cost prices for which you have bought the goods, which is what forms the basis for how your stock value is calculated.