Discounts in Rackbeat

Learn to configure general, supplier-specific, customer-specific, and quantity-based discounts in Rackbeat, directly enhancing your sales and inventory management.

Discounts are powerful tools for businesses to drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and manage inventory effectively. In Rackbeat, discounts can be configured in various ways to suit different business needs, whether you're looking to incentivize bulk purchases, reward loyal customers, or negotiate better terms with suppliers.

Types of Discounts in Rackbeat

  • General Discounts: Applied individually to each order or invoice, affecting all products within that specific transaction for broad-based incentives on a per-transaction basis.
  • Supplier Specific Discounts: Tailored discounts from individual suppliers to reduce purchase costs, applicable as a percentage or specific price on certain products.
  • Customer Specific Discounts: Custom discounts for individual customers to enhance loyalty and spending, applicable as a percentage or specific price on products, including a general percentage discount on all products purchased by the customer.
  • Customer Group Discounts: Discounts for specific customer groups for targeted offers, available as a specific price on certain products.
  • Group-Specific Discounts: Discounts for predefined groups based on product types or customer categories.
  • Quantity-Based Discounts: Discounts encouraging larger purchases when customers buy above a certain quantity, manually added for customers.

Setting Up Discounts in Rackbeat

To effectively utilize discounts in Rackbeat, follow these specific steps for each discount type:

General Discounts:

  1. Navigate to the order or invoice where you want to apply the discount.
  2. Enter the discount percentage or amount that will apply to specific products in the order/invoice.
  3. Alternatively, use the "General Discount" feature on the right side of the page to apply a specific discount for all products in this particular order or invoice.
  4. Verify that the discount applies correctly to each product's total.

Supplier Specific Discounts:

  1. Go to the specific supplier's settings section and find the "Products" area to assign discounts.
  2. Specify the discount as a percentage or a fixed amount for specific products or the entire order from the supplier.
  3. Apply the discount, ensuring it's considered in future transactions with this supplier.

Customer Specific Discounts:

  1. In the customer's settings section, locate "Prices & Discounts" to assign discounts.
  2. Define the discount as a percentage or a fixed amount for specific products or the entire order.
  3. Apply the discount to ensure it reflects in all transactions for that customer.

Customer Group Discounts:

  1. Within customer group settings, go to the "Products" section to add discounts.
  2. Add the discount as a specific amount off on certain products for all customers in the group.
  3. Activate the discount, ensuring it applies to all group members correctly.

Group-Specific Discounts:

  1. Navigate to the "Products" tab at the top of the Rackbeat interface.
  2. Click on "Discount Groups" in the menu to view existing groups or create new ones.
  3. Select "Create new" at the top right to initiate a new discount group.
  4. Enter an optional group number, name, and the discount percentage. If you leave the group number blank, Rackbeat will automatically generate one for you.
  5. After filling in the details, click "Create new discount group" to finalize the setup.
  6. To assign a discount group to a customer, navigate to the "Sales" tab.
  7. Under "Customers" in the menu, select the customer you wish to associate with the discount group by clicking on their number or name.
  8. In the customer editing view, click on "Prices and Discounts."
  9. Choose "Add new discount group," then select the desired discount group from the dropdown menu.
  10. In the "Override group discount (%)" field, you can specify a different discount percentage for this specific customer if needed. For example, if the standard group discount is 10%, but you want to offer 15% to a particular customer, you can set this percentage here. This feature is beneficial for maintaining fewer discount groups with customized discounts for individual customers.
  11. At the page, where all products are listed, the discount percentage is displayed on the right side of the product line. You can adjust the discount rate for specific products if you wish to offer a different rate or no discount on selected items.

Quantity-Based Discounts:

Offering quantity-based discounts can significantly benefit your customers, rewarding them for purchasing larger quantities of your products. Here's a straightforward guide on how to add a quantity discount for your customers in Rackbeat.

  1. Locate Your Customer: Begin by navigating to the 'Sales' section and then selecting 'Customers' to find the customer you want to apply the quantity discount to.

  2. Access "Prices & Discounts": Click on 'Prices & Discounts' for the selected customer. This section will display all pricing and discounts associated with the customer.

  3. Identify the Relevant Product: Browse the list or use the search function to find the specific product you wish to apply the quantity discount to.

  4. Quantity Discount Module: Beneath the product name, click on the two arrows to open the quantity discount module.

  5. Create a New Discount Tier: Select 'New Tier' to establish a new level for the quantity discount.

  6. Set the Minimum Quantity: In the 'Min quantity' field, input the minimum number of items the customer needs to purchase to qualify for the discount. This number defines the threshold at which the specified discount rate or special price per item becomes applicable.

  7. Determine the Discount Rate or Special Price: Decide on the discount rate or special price the customer will receive when they meet the minimum quantity requirement. Input this value accordingly.

  8. Save the Quantity Discount: After finalizing the settings, click 'Save' to store the quantity discount. This discount will now be available to the customer for their next purchase.

  9. Review and Adjust: Remember, you can always edit or remove the quantity discount manually on an order if necessary.


Effectively managing discounts in Rackbeat can enhance your business operations, driving sales and customer satisfaction. By understanding and utilizing the various discount types available, you can tailor your strategy to meet your business needs and goals.