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Setup the Shopify Integration

You can integrate Rackbeat with your Shopify agreement to transfer data between the two systems. Below, we will guide you through the process of setting up the integration between Rackbeat and Shopify.


You can set up the integration between Shopify and Rackbeat yourself by following these steps. However, we recommend getting assistance from one of our onboarding partners who can ensure the correct setup of the integration. Contact our support team, and they will connect you with an onboarding partner. Please note that our support team does not assist with the actual integration setup, but they can answer questions regarding the integration.

Installation of the integration:

To install the integration, please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Rackbeats App section (Can be found under "Company Settings and then Apps")
  2. Find the Shopify application and click on "install" 
  3. Insert the URL of the desired Shopify webshop and click on "Begin setup".
  4. You'll be redirected to Shopify, where you need to approve the installation.

During the setup of the integration, you will go through different tabs where you need to make decisions on how the integration should work.

We will go through the key settings in each tab:

General settings:

Initial synchronization:

Here, you can choose to synchronize your products from Shopify to Rackbeat during the first activation of the integration.

If you do not want to transfer the current inventory from Shopify to Rackbeat, you should skip the initial synchronization. 

Customer default settings: Here, you can set the default currency, language, VAT zone, customer group, layout, and payment terms for new customers created via Shopify.

Default employee settings: Here, you can choose which employee should be assigned to orders from the webshop and POS.

Default Shipping Product: Here you can choose which product should be used for shipping in Rackbeat. It's important to make sure that you enter the product number of a product that already exist in Rackbeat.

Product settings:

Product synchronization:

Here, you can choose whether to synchronize products from Rackbeat to Shopify or vice versa. You can also choose not to synchronize products between the systems.

Default product group: Here, you can select the product group where new products should be placed during synchronization.

Online availability: Here, you can choose which products should be available in your webshop.

Order settings:

Order synchronization:

Here, you can choose the status an order should have in Shopify before it is transferred to Rackbeat. You can also choose not to transfer orders from Shopify to Rackbeat.

Default order status: Here, you can choose the status an order should have in Rackbeat after the transfer.

Order number series: Here, you can choose whether the order should be created with a new number from Rackbeat or with the same number as in Shopify.

Transfer refunds: Here, you can choose to transfer refunded orders from Shopify as credit notes in Rackbeat.

Advanced settings:

Advanced order options:

Here, you can choose to use customer-specific pricing from Shopify in Rackbeat. You can also create a mapping between delivery country and Rackbeat location for fulfilling orders from specific countries.

Remember to save your changes after setting up the integration.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team.